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Key Stage 2 Guided Reading Books for Gifted & Talented Readers

Teachers know that Gifted and Talented readers need a great deal of targeted input to keep them adequately challenged and to enable them to make satisfactory progress. Our collections include Guided Reading and independent reading titles of sufficient difficulty to stretch children’s vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills. Additionally, they cover a variety of genres that are exciting and entertaining enough to maintain pupils' engagement whilst really pushing their reading up a level. Teacher Books contain a good level of challenge in the follow-up activities which provoke thoughtful discussion and appropriate writing activities.

For confident and super-confident readers, these packs provide challenging reads and age-appropriate books. Books are given a ‘Confident’ (C) or ‘Super-Confident’ (SC) level to help teachers. Super-confident readers are deemed to be reading books that are at least one year beyond the expected level for their age. However these books are not beyond their understanding or maturity.

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The Twits  - Pack of 6

The Twits - Pack of 6

Pack of 6 - £35.94


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