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Books for Confident and Fluent Readers

The books in each of these packs offer the confident and super-confident readers in each phase stories with more complex characters, storylines and plots, written in varying styles of writing that requires better comprehension and vocabulary as well as an ability to decode and decipher many unknown words. They also require a more highly developed reading stamina to read these books with longer extents and chapters. Super-confident readers in this range are reading two years ahead of the average reading ability of their peers.

Challenging KS1 and KS2 Books for Confident Readers

Our newest reading box is called 'Suitable Books for Gifted and Talented Readers Age 9-11' . It gets very difficult at this point to select spot on books for this reading level. The children are quite different in Year 5 and Year 6 in terms of maturity but can be reading at the same level, as gifted readers do. Year 6 readers might be starting to explore books that would be better suited once they have transitioned to KS3 – not always acceptable reading material for a Primary School library and not what all parents would want their children to read. There is no doubt about it this was one of the most difficult collections to put together across the entire Badger Reading Box range. Books were rejected for many reasons but mostly (time and time again sadly) it was inappropriate language, believe it or not, which is becoming more widely used in children's books today. We drew our line in the sand and feel very pleased with this small but perfectly formed collection for super-confident readers.

'Suitable Books for Super-Confident Readers Age 7-9' provides a well-researched and thoroughly checked library of quality books for children in Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) who are reading well above their chronological age but who need books suitable for their level of maturity. The books identified for either Year 3 or Year 4 are at the reading level of Year 5 and Year 6 but they are very safe for this age group. Also in this range see, 'Suitable Books for Super-Confident Readers in KS1', a best-seller. Again, offering books for gifted and talented readers (reading age 2 years above chronological age), this collection is spot on for very young readers who need guidance in reading suitable material at their young age.

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