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Badger Reading Boxes for KS1: Fiction

Badger Reading Boxes deliver reviewed and cherry-picked collections of books for each age group in primary schools. Perfect for classroom libraries, home-school reading and the main school library, all of the books have been selected from the best publishers, authors and illustrators in children’s literature by a team dedicated to reading books.

Children in KS1 are starting their journey towards becoming a reader and there is nothing more important than having access to a rich and varied selection of books to read and share with family or peers.

Following on from the Badger Reading Boxes for early year’s children, these KS1 reading boxes are grouped for Year 1 (‘age 5-6’) and for Year 2 (‘age 6-7’). In the main we are still using picture books in the belief that illustrated books enrich the reading experience and bring more to the story, allowing for inference and prediction skills to develop. These books are there to be enjoyed, to develop children’s love of reading from the start and make for ideal home-school books to broaden children’s repertoire of reading beyond scheme reading books. 

Classroom Favourites’ are as they say favourite books from recent years that have that special something about them. ‘New Picture Books’ cream off the very best books published in the last school year that we have again cherry-picked from the hundreds published. 

For children in Year 2 who are developing readers and who want to tackle reading books independently ‘New Fiction for Developing Readers’ offers longer ‘reading books’ (outside of any school scheme) that children will be able to access and enjoy either independently or can share with an adult. 

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