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Badger Reading Boxes for KS2: Fiction

Badger Learning’s Book Collection Team take a great deal of time to read and review books for children in KS2, placing them into age-appropriate collections to make learning to read pleasurable and rewarding for young readers. Busy teachers can be assured that the books they buy are right for their Primary aged children too.


With most KS2 children hopefully fast becoming avid and fluent readers there are a number of collections in this range for schools to keep libraries brimming with quality, considered, age-grouped books that children will absolutely devour.

The ‘Children’s Choice’ Project has been held in conjunction with the KS2 teachers and children at Hillcrest Primary School. The children have selected their favourites from a range of books that we know children love. Popular series and well-established authors make up this range of new and time-honoured favourites – selected by children for children. These are the books that are guaranteed to appeal to children and help children find the fun in reading. 

‘New Fiction’ collections bring together recently-published books from a wide range of publishers and quality authors. Thoroughly reviewed by the Book Collections Team at Badger Learning the Reading Boxes for children aged 7-9 and 9-11 are carefully and thoughtfully constructed to offer a range of reading levels for the intended year groups. For example a ‘New Fiction’ collection for age 7-9 will provide books that are considered to be at an ‘accessible’, ‘expected’ or ‘confident’ level for each year group (Year 3 and 4) in the mix. These can be enjoyed across both year groups as a book considered to be Year 3 ‘expected’ level could become a Year 4 ‘accessible’ read. Equally a book deemed as perfect for Year 4 ‘expected’ level would be a perfect book for Year 3 ‘confident’ readers.


Giving children a firm foundation in reading and the reading bug is our ultimate goal! The ‘Books to Read before…’ collections offer children much-loved classic children’s literature and the very best future modern classics. A really special mix of books that are designed to give children great pleasure and that hopefully they will find unforgettable when looking back on their childhood reading books as many of us do!


Whilst it is highly arguable that all books can be reached and enjoyed by both girls and boys alike it is somewhat true that many books appeal to either girls or boys and that very often their reading choices differ. With a view to keeping all readers hooked on reading for pleasure we are pleased to offer a new selection of girl-specific reading books in our ‘Books for Girls’ collection for the classroom or school library.

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