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Primary Literacy Focus: Story

The ‘Many Stories, Many Cultures’ reading boxes are a wonderful mix of traditional stories, fairy stories, folktales, myths, legends and ancient stories from different cultures the world over. Children love listening to and sharing stories and in doing so will be learning new vocabulary and how to develop and build their own stories.

Many Stories, Many Cultures Age 5-7 , brings together a stunning collection of stories from around the world, stories from other cultures, traditional tales and fairy tales with a twist which have been specially selected for use in KS1 classrooms. Children will be able to compare and contrast stories from different cultures, times and places with this rich and varied collection.

Packed with myth stories, fables, stories from around the world, stories from other cultures and traditional tales, the Many Stories, Many Cultures Age 7-11 collection gives inspiring examples of the world’s oldest stories. These stories tell us about the history and diversity of our world, and are a wonderful primary resource for exploring the patterns and themes of traditional stories.

Timeless Treasures is a delightful collection of both original texts and shorter retellings, bringing together some of the most notorious authors and stories from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, Celebrating our literary heritage and give children a chance to share stories that are familiar to generations before them and simply stand the true test of time.

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