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Literacy Focus: Writing

The ’20 Ways to Write a Story’ collections are designed to be a useful reading and writing resources offering children breadth in reading different text styles. LKS2 children can explore a wealth of writing techniques, enjoy the widest possible range of texts and use this to develop their own writing. Different text types include diary entries, letters, conversations, short stories, mystery, rhyme and strong use of descriptive language. UKS2 children will explore the very best examples of many different writing styles and text types including short story, diary, newspaper report and letter. When children come to demonstrate their own skills in producing writing with these features they will be drawing on their experience as readers.

Alongside this children in Years 5 or 6 can enjoy reading about interesting and famous people whilst learning how to write chronological and true accounts using the examples in our ‘Biography and True Life Stories’ collection. A good selection of famous individuals for young curious minds to enjoy reading about.

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