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Primary Science Learning Resources and Materials

Science is growing in popularity all the time, as a career choice, as a cultural theme and of course, in classrooms, which is why we ensure our primary science learning resources meet the standards expected by both the curriculum and pupils.

The natural curiosity of children makes them the perfect audience to engage with Badger Learning primary science resources, while many of the key principles of this core subject make ideal start points for interesting learning materials.

Examples of Primary Science Learning Resources

Designed especially for use in Key Stage 2 environments, our colourful poster packs are fascinating and inspiring primary science resources that spark interest and discussion among inquisitive minds.

One example features laminated information posters of famous scientists focused on by the new primary curriculum, from historic greats like Galileo and Copernicus to more recent figures such as Jane Goodall and David Attenborough.

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For further information on Badger Learning’s other primary science resources, you can filter our products by type or Key Stage, or simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Science Greats Posters

Science Greats Posters

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