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Castle Capture

Tim Collins
James Lawrence
Series: The League of Enchanted Heroes
Publication Date: 01/09/2016
Interest Age: 9 - 12
Reading Age: 6 - 7

ISBN: 9781784646356

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Paperback £5.99
Pack of 6 £31.99
Pack of 4 £23.96

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Castle Capture - The League of Enchanted Heroes

Written by Tim Collins

Illustrated by James Lawrence

The League of Enchanted Heroes chase a witch to her gingerbread castle. It brings back painful memories to Hansel, who was once imprisoned in a gingerbread cottage with his sister Gretel.

He has to put aside his anger and come up with a plan to defeat the witch.

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The League of Enchanted Heroes eBook PDF CD

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Enjoy Guided Reading For Struggling Readers: RA 7-8 Complete Pack

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