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Maths Sharpener: Arithmetic Both Teacher Books + CD

ISBN: 9781781476222

2 titles included

The new Maths curriculum has increased emphasis on arithmetic and the different ways calculations can be made. This series will help support teachers and pupils as they get to grips with the new curriculum while still injecting some fun into maths lessons. The Maths Sharpener series provides structured arithmetic practice presented in a clear format. Set on an android world, Big Head the robot and his Digibots will steer your pupils through standard forms of calculation to develop their proficiency and confidence. Fun drawings and activities strike a balance with carefully constructed exercises to scaffold pupil learning.
Spiral Bound + CD £71.90

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Maths Sharpener: Arithmetic Teacher Book and CD Years 3 /4 Maths Sharpener: Arithmetic Teacher Book and CD Years 5/6


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