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Vanishing Point

Series: Teen Reads V
Publication Date: September 2016
Interest Age: 12 - 15
Reading Age: 8 - 9

ISBN: 9781784646110

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Paperback £6.99
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Vanishing Point by Cheryl Lanyon

Teen Reads V

9,000 words

Ella is a good student, but she doesn't stand out at all. Then she gets ill and has to have several weeks off school.

When she returns she's changed. She's lost weight and cut her hair. People notice and say she's looking good - and she loves it.

But life at home is stressful. Her dad's left, her mum's miserable and Ella's got a lot of work to catch up on. She's not sure she can cope.

Then she finds something that helps her feel in control: dieting and exercising t tone her new look.

*We at Badger Learning are very proud of our collection of Teen Reads. Sometimes our storylines tackle difficult subject matter because we want our books to honestly reflect a variety of different teenage experiences – we also believe in the power of fiction as both a comfort and an outlet for those who need it. Any stories with potentially distressing or triggering content are read over by a specialist, but you know your students better than we do, and are therefore best placed to know what is and what isn’t appropriate for them.

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