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Kill Order

Series: YA Reads
Interest Age: 14 - 18
Reading Age: 8 - 9

ISBN: 9781784647025

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Paperback £6.99
Pack of 6 £37.75

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Kill Order by Daniel Blythe

The year: 2238. The place: Station Zero, an outpost on the Galactic Rim. It’s a place where corrupt plans are hatched, where the low-life of the Universe do their dark deals. 

Caleb Grayden is a killer for hire. A special kind of shape-shifter, he’s viewed with suspicion. His latest job is easy – but what happens next is not quite what Caleb expected. 

Accused of murder, he has to rely on his eager young lawyer, Jandri Jax. But Caleb’s story has a twist – and it’s one which Jandri may regret finding out…

Kill Order is part of the YA Reads series, view the full series here.

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