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  • Key Stage: 1
  • Year Group: 2
  • Book Bands: Turquoise (Level 7)
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Reading Planet Turquoise

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Book Bands:
  • Turquoise Band

    Reading Planet, from educational publisher Rising Stars, is based upon the latest research from Coventry University who recognise the importance of speech rhythm (stresses, rhyme and intonation), alongside phonological awareness, decoding, comprehension and fluency in learning to read. Featuring 12 books selected from two of the four strands of Reading Planet: Comet Street Kids and Galaxy, these visually appealing titles support and encourage reading progression.

    Free colour-coded stickers are included and each title is covered in a protective jacket.

    Number Of Titles: 12
    Reading Planet Turquoise
    Reading Planet Turquoise
    Reading Planet Turquoise