The character of Snow-Man has been with me all my life - ever since I was a kid. Whenever the white stuff began to fall and my friends or siblings shouted, 'Let's build a snowman!', I always heard the name as that of a superhero like Batman or Spider-Man. It was always a disappointment when my snowy creations just sat there, not even attempting to hurry away to fight crime...

So, when the opportunity arose to write the adventures of Snow-Man for Badger Learning, I jumped at the chance! I've had a great time creating some weird and wonderful villains for our hero to face, and concocting their fiendish plans (watch out for Gail Force and her 'Superfan'!)

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, I saw Steve Beckett's amazing illustrations! He has really brought the world of Snow-Man to life in a way I could never do alone. I'm thrilled to be working with Steve on this series, and I hope there will be plenty more snowy shenanigans for us to create at some point in the future!

Tommy Donbavand

Our new series is especially designed for reluctant readers, who will hopefully be drawn into the wacky world of literally, the coolest superhero around... Snow-Man!

I am having a blast creating the visuals for these books, designing a cast of brand new villains and of course our hero and his team is great fun.

Creating the look of a character who was initially described to me as a cross between Superman and Olaf from Frozen was no easy feat! I certainly pulled out ideas from lots of favourites that have influenced me over the years. Adam West's Batman from the swinging sixties and Bananaman were definite influences on my designs.

I think we have a hero who looks as cool as he is funny. Snow-Man definitely looks like he's up for the challenge of battling the vile villains of Shiverton!

Steve Beckett

Here is your first, exclusive look at the upcoming Snow-Man titles:
Hot, Hot, Hot!
Stone Age
It's a Gas!
What a Drip!
Cold Front

This series promises to draw and hold the attention of reluctant readers in order to inspire confidence and to ensure that the reading experience is a positive and fun one!