All 15-year-old Poppy wants is to be allowed to dye her hair jet black, and for everyone to call her Raven.

And to discover whether her missing twin brother is alive or dead so that she and her parents can finally move on with their lives.

Can Poppy find Stephen, and a place to belong, at the same time?

Tommy Donbavand once again uses his witty writing style to create a compelling story for teenagers - brimming with humour and emotion in equal measures. He places his defiant teenage protagonist in a situation both atypical and relatable, capturing the complexities of teenage angst and isolation while highlighting a distinctive family hardship.

Like the other titles in this set of six, the subject matter is aimed at teenage readers – most specifically female teenage readers – but the stories can be enjoyed by those with a reading age as young as eight. A low word count, short sentences, line breaks and accessible language aid this endeavour.

We're also very proud of the striking, modern imagery and design of our Teen Reads. Reluctant readers certainly won't be embarrassed to pick them up!