Adventure Park

Eight fantastic new stories for reluctant readers, set in a zany theme park where there is more than meets the eye!

Reading Age 7-8 ★ Interest Age 9-12 ★ Word Count 1,200-1,500

This series of eight books sees the antics of Emily, Jacob and Frank the hamster as they traverse the perils of Emily's eccentric Grandfather's magically overambitious theme park! We are confident that the combination of simple language, short sentences and well-developed, humorous characters will provide an accessible yet enjoyable reading experience for the age group, without being patronising.

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  1. Adventure Park - Open for Business!

    Posted on: Jan 18, 2016

    We are delighted to announce that Adventure Park is now ready to open its doors to the public! Brand new sets of this brilliant series should this very moment be winging their way across the country to eager classrooms and libraries alike.

    We are very proud of this series. Cavan Scott has created a magical world, full of energy and humour, complimented perfectly by Abby Bulmer's warm and expressive illustrations.

    We hope that primary-aged reluctant readers (or anyone who likes the look of them really) will enjoy reading these books as much as we've enjoyed putting them together.

    Do let us know what you think via Twitter or Facebook. Off to get some candyfloss now before Frank the hamster eats it all...

  2. The many faces of Frank

    Posted on: Nov 09, 2015

    Frank is Emily's pet hamster and companion who can often be found perched on Emily's shoulder or occasionally hiding in her sock. Best of all, he can talk!

    He is a cautious fellow when it comes to Albert Sparkle-Trousers' Adventure Park inventions, as past experience has proved that things can sometimes go wrong when they are testing out each new ride! Frank trusts Emily, but is easily wound up and will often run scared from the odd prank played by the others!

    Danny Pearson, Senior Editor, tells us how he came to be...

    We especially love the character of Frank the hamster. How was he born?

    In the beginning Frank was a dog! It's true. Frank started off as a dog. I realised that the Snow-Man series, which was going to be released at the same time, already had a dog, Jeff/Frostbite. So with a little brainstorming between Cavan and I we decided Frank would be better off as a talking hamster.

    In all honesty it was the right thing to do and I can't imagine

  3. Tomb raiders

    Tomb raiders

    Posted on: Oct 05, 2015

    Things take an Egyptian turn in Pyramid Panic, the final foray in the fantastic Adventure Park series!

    A tempting new maze attraction, set in a pyramid, piques the interest of Emily, Jacob and Frank and they decide to venture inside.

    With each twist and turn, the trio begin to realise there are strange presences lurking in the dark and that walls suddenly move without warning!

    Beginning to feel trapped, they wonder if they will ever find their way out...

    This tale creates the perfect balance of humour and suspense with some light-hearted action scenes thrown in for good measure. Abby's fantastic illustrations help to bring this story to life and will encourage struggling readers to delve further into the story.

    Cavan's writing incorporates simple words, short chapters and sentences making it wholly sensitive to the struggles a reluctant reader may face.

    With interest for this series growing already, who knows what adventures the future holds

  4. Dodgems and Dragons

    Dodgems and Dragons

    Posted on: Sep 22, 2015

    The latest instalment from Adventure Park involves travelling to a magical era with knights, princesses and kings. Just don't expect them to be polite.

    Emily, Jacob and Frank travel back to medieval times to ride Adventure Park's new Jousting Dodgems.

    But can they save Emily's grandfather from the greedy king? And will they escape a dangerous dragon attack?

    This gloriously surreal episode from our favourite theme park sees our heroes jousting with Dodgems, grappling with a fire-breathing monster and tasting every type of pie imaginable.

    As with the previous titles in this series, this book is aimed at struggling readers aged 9-12 with a lower reading age of 7-8. The light and humorous tone should draw readers into the Adventure Park world, however reluctant they usually are to read. We are confident that completing this book will encourage them to follow Emily, Jacob and Frank's amazing adventures across the whole series!

    The stories are provided

  5. Monster munch

    Monster munch

    Posted on: Sep 07, 2015

    Emily, Jacob and Frank the hamster take a trip on the park's Ghost Train ride and discover it's eerily realistic!

    Adventure Park and its inhabitants are suddenly in danger of being taken over by a gang of ghosts and monsters so Emily comes up with a plan that might just halt their reign of terror!

    This humorous tale follows the trio as they embark on another spontaneous adventure albeit somewhat more risky than the last!

    Abby's illustrations add another dimension to Cavan's energetic story which essentially makes the story easier for a struggling reader to understand and interpret and the overall reading experience much more enjoyable.

    The cover alone is enough to tempt a young, inquisitive audience head first into the pages and the simple language and short sentences will put the reader at ease.

    A positively frightening page-turner!

  6. Unexpected Famished Occupants

    Unexpected Famished Occupants

    Posted on: Jul 14, 2015

    All Jacob, Emily and Frank want to do is to experience all the rides at Adventure Park but things never seem to be that straightforward!

    While riding the Super Space Elevator they are unexpectedly flung into the midst of an alien invasion!

    And it looks like the aliens are pretty hungry! How will the trio escape this time?

    The fun continues in Cosmic Chaos as Jacob, Emily and Frank are faced with another adventure where they find themselves in a few close scrapes! The action-packed story, manageable text and striking illustrations combine to create an enjoyable reading experience which will tempt even the most reluctant of your readers.

    As with each book in this series, a glossary of difficult words has been included at the beginning of the book so that there is the option for them to be discussed and understood before the reader begins. This may eliminate any trepidation that could arise if a struggling reader is faced with something they don't fully understand

  7. Sugar rush

    Sugar rush

    Posted on: Jun 30, 2015

    When Adventure Park's new ride goes wrong, Emily, Jacob and Frank find themselves in a land where candy grows on trees!

    But things aren't as sweet as they first appear. Will their love of candy land them in danger?

    Welcome to a world that would make even Willy Wonka green with envy (and probably give him a stomach ache), with illustrations that suggest a marshmallow factory exploded.

    For this instalment of Adventure Park, Cavan Scott has created a magical world, further enhanced by Abby Bulmer's vivid illustrations that pepper the book's interior. As with the others in this series, this story has been created especially for reluctant and struggling readers, with an interest age much higher than the required reading ability, to increase immersion and enthusiasm for the act of reading.

    Despite appearances, this story is actually filled with perils and dangers for the main characters, Emily, Jacob and Frank. The tale is thoughtfully shaped in the hopes that

  8. Pirate Peril

    Pirate Peril

    Posted on: Jun 24, 2015

    A fearless pirate and an enormous sea monster come to life in the latest instalment from Adventure Park!

    Join Emily, Jacob and Frank on a treasure hunt with a twist where cunning Captain Wildbeard leads them on a merry dance to uncover some lost loot.

    They are certainly in for a rough ride...

    As with all 8 books in this series, this title is enhanced by Abby's brilliantly detailed illustrations which help readers to follow the story more effectively.

    Simple language and short sentences have also been constructed specifically to make the language more accessible to struggling readers.

    We are confident that primary-aged children with a reading age of 7-8, who may often feel reluctant to pick up a book, will be drawn in by the exciting cover and then further convinced by Cavan's action-packed writing!

  9. Welcome to the jungle

    Welcome to the jungle

    Posted on: Jun 05, 2015

    Emily, Jacob and Frank go on safari, but find the animals are being attacked by strange creatures.

    Who is creating these monsters? And what is wrong with Frank?

    Join the heroes of Adventure Park as they get to grips with its latest attraction, Rainforest Riot. But be prepared, this is no regular safari through the rainforest. A surprise alteration to the wildlife means our friends have an experience much... greater than they originally expected (especially Frank the hamster)!

    Fans of action-packed tales will love this story, created especially for primary-aged reluctant readers with a reading age of roughly 7-8. The brilliant cover below provides a taster of what to expect.

    Across the whole Adventure Park series, the text is broken up with line spaces to make it less daunting, and difficult words appear in a glossary at the front. Each book is filled with delights, designed to help the reader engage with the text, such as full colour illustrations, a map

  10. Off the rails

    Off the rails

    Posted on: May 29, 2015

    Ever wondered what might happen if you, your best friend and your pet hamster accidentally travelled back in time to a prehistoric world, and were thrown into the path of a hungry T-Rex? Probably most days, right?

    Well, you no longer have to imagine, and nor do your reluctant readers, because Cavan Scott has done it for you in his action-packed title from our new Adventure Park series, Dinosaur Danger.

    Dino Danger is Adventure Park's fastest ever rollercoaster. In fact, it's so fast that it sends Emily, Jacob and Frank spinning back in time!

    Can they escape the hungry dinosaurs and find a way home?

    Featuring amazing colour illustrations by Abby Bulmer, and aimed at a reading age of 7-8, this story is sure to grab the attention of primary-aged reluctant and struggling readers. Indeed, the eccentric humour and wild antics across the whole series will likely prove entertaining for readers of all ages!

    To give you a taste of what the series holds in store,

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