Between The Lines II Poster

We are delighted to bring you eight brand-new titles that will capture the interest and imaginations of teenage readers.

Between The Lines II is a series of books dealing with mature and compelling themes, filling the need for age-appropriate fiction written for teenage readers with reading ages of 8–9 years.

We’ve worked closely with a team of experienced and talented authors to create a mixture of action-packed and thought-provoking stories.

We’re especially proud of the diverse range of plots, settings and characters within this new series. From sports clubs and schools, to unfamiliar and chilling visions of the future, stories cover the dangers of internet chat rooms, crime, grief, female empowerment, friendship, bullying, dystopian futures, and much more.

 Although limited to a maximum of 6,000 words per book and with carefully controlled language, these books have the look and feel of a real novel.

You’ll notice that we have also used a new dyslexia-friendly font, with improved line spacing and off-white paper, to ensure that the books in this series are truly accessible to every teenage reader.

County Lines Book Image

County Lines is one book that will resonate particularly well with teenagers at the moment. We were hearing the topic of county lines coming up more and more frequently in conversations with teenagers and realised that it would be an important topic to cover in our new series. County lines is now making headline news and so the release of Donna David’s well-researched book is perfectly timed.

Although Donna’s book covers difficult topics of organised crime and exploitation of teenagers, it is also hopeful, with a clear resolution at the end. If students are encountering similar issues to those covered in the book, we hope they will be given pointers as to the warning signs and will be encouraged to talk to a parent, guardian or teacher about their situation. 

Check out the full series list here:

Message Alert by Ann Evans

County Lines by Donna David

Sucker Punch by Emma Norry

Offside by Iain McLaughlin

No Escape by Jacqueline Rayner

The Cell by Jenni Spangler

Alone by Tim Collins

Nowhere by Kate Ormand