Tom Thumb is trapped inside the belly of a giant. He's sinking into stinky stomach acid and time is running out.

Jack, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel need to find a way to rescue him.

And fast.

Talk about being in a sticky spot! Digest that!

Puns aside, Queasy Quest is one of our eight brand new titles for The League of Enchanted Heroes by Tim Collins. We are confident that reluctant readers will be amused and engrossed right to the end of this story, which, as well as being punchy and engaging, is brought alive by James Lawrence's quirky illustrations.

The simple sentence structure and accessible language makes the stories in this series ideal for readers aged 9-12 who are reading at a level of 6-7 years. And despite being short, they are styled like 'real' books, so those who read them can gain self-confidence without feeling like outsiders.

Check out the brilliant cover for this story below. Who wouldn't want to read about this modern day Jonah?