Win a set of plays from our best-selling fiction series, Snow-Man!

Let me set the scene...

It's the middle of December, everyone should be in their winter coats and playing in the snow, but something has happened in the town of Shiverton, they are having a heat wave! Snow is melting and running down the hill, but why? How is there a heat wave in December? Who could be responsible?

It's time for Cole Day to munch on a raw carrot and transform into the world's coldest superhero, Snow-Man.

This brillllliant play has been skilfully rewritten from the original title to include seven speaking parts with varying amounts of lines so everyone can be included.

The play consists of only 1000 words but is packed full of humour and superb illustrations by Steve Beckett to keep the attention of the participants. Although it has a reading age of 8-9 and an interest age of 8-12, I promise you boys and girls of all ages will absolutely love it!

Our authors frequently tell us that villains are the best characters to write, and Tommy Donbavand is no exception. Who would you choose to be, hero or villain? Cole Day, Aka Snow-Man or Ray Burn with his giant sunglasses?

Enter our competition for your chance to win seven copies of the play Hot Hot Hot! All you need to do is submit your details on our competitions page to enter! Competition now closed.

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