Best friends Logan and Eva along with Otis the dog, otherwise known as the Strange Town crew, are running late on Match Day. It had taken Eva ages to find her Strange Town F.C. scarf!

As they approach the stadium, they can see a beautiful rainbow that seems rather curiously to be coming from inside the venue itself.

Even stranger, perhaps, is the fact that it is so eerily quiet outside the stadium; as they get ever closer the trio are not met by the usual noise from the expectant crowd. What's more, they are the only ones on the move, usually other people would be running late and there would be plenty of hustle and bustle at the turnstiles.

Yet more strange, as they hand their tickets to the ticket inspector she doesn't even blink. The woman seems to be ignoring them, how rude! Once inside, they are greeted by an even more bizarre scene, it is as if everyone is frozen in time. No one is moving and the ball is hanging in mid-air!

Something catches Otis's eye. Some very small and seemingly mischievous creatures are moving among the crowd and showing a particular interest in people's belongings.

Can the Strange Town crew save the day; can they unfreeze the crowd and capture the creatures?

Read Extra Time to find out...
Extra Time is one of eight tales from our NEW Strange Town series. Follow the adventures of Eva, Logan and his dog, Otis, as they solve the unusual goings on in their home town of Strange.

The fast-paced humorous storylines with their many twists and turns will captivate your students, as will the vibrant colour illustrations.

From page one, the prelude ensures that each book can be read as a standalone novel, whilst in context with the others in the series. Each book finishes with questions to boost understanding and contextualise the text, alongside a full colour map at the back to help visualise the world as a whole.

Series available from January 2017 but you can pre-order these amazingly entertaining stories for your pupils now!