A well-established literacy strategy, guided reading has been prominent feature in many primary school classrooms for a considerable length of time.

Guided reading consists of a teacher working with a small group of pupils, normally around 6, for the duration of 20 minutes.  Depending on their reading level, the teacher then selects a reading book for the pupil, who then reads the book individually.

Within the strategy, children are grouped with peers that demonstrate similar reading levels; and the texts chosen are those that require little support but also present the opportunity to challenge and promote problem solving. Texts pitched at this level allow children to build both their confidence and literacy levels.

The most popular role of the teacher within guided reading is to lead the group by facilitating discussion and helping pupils with new and difficult words, rather than reading the text for the child.

 The Benefits of Guided Reading

Guided reading builds confidence amongst children due to being grouped with peers of similar ability; meaning a child will feel more comfortable raising concerns and questions.

Guided reading can assist pupils in becoming familiar with the technique of storytelling i.e. the beginning, middle and end. This in turn can influence the child’s own creative process but also familiarise him or her with the story process and what to expect when reading.

Guided reading offers a set time a day for reading practice, and the supportive environment and regularity improves literacy levels.

With the focus in guided reading being on the child working on the answers to their own questions and challenges, the child is still given the support whilst their confidence is built in answering their own questions.

To support guided reading, we have a wide range of guiding reading resources available for both KS1 and KS2 pupils, designed to help children enjoy and interact with what they read.

Our Guided Reading Resources

  •  Have easy to use teacher books with copymasters and APP links
  • Are motivating and offer age – appropriate guided reading support for a range of popular titles.
  • Feature bestselling authors such as Anthony Horowitz, Malorie Blackman, Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo

We also provide the option to pick and mix resources for bespoke guided reading compilations. This is really beneficial if you want to integrate guided reading into cross curricular topic work, pick specific authors or have a combination of the two.

Praise for Our Guided Reading Resources

 We have evaluated different Guided Reading schemes and all staff agreed that the Badger resources are by far the best” Literacy Coordinator, London

I’m really pleased these guided reading packs will help children get the most from my stories. It’s particularly pleasing that there is a book for all reading abilities so the whole school can get involved” Jacqueline Wilson