Ignite II

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  1. Drum roll please... Ignite 2 is available!

    Posted on: Sep 30, 2013

    Following the big anticipation for the second series of Ignite, Badger is happy to announce Ignite 2 is now available! After all the sneak peaks and tantalising illustrations, you can now order Ignite 2 from www.badgerlearning.co.uk, so you can make your autumn term sizzle with these fiery titles.

    For more information on the series, flick back through the blog for plot outlines, illustrations and author interviews.

  2. Ahoy there me hearties!

    Ahoy there me hearties!

    Posted on: Aug 26, 2013

    Feast your eyes on these nuggets of treasure, fresh from the creative landlubbers bringing Roger Hurn's swashbuckling tale of the pirates on Skull Island to life.

    Illustrator, Anthony Williams, has given us unique access into his artistic treasure trove where we can see the early stages of his illustrative creations before and after colour. You even get a sneak preview of how it may look on the page and of Chapter 4: A Treasure Hunt! What will Josh discover on Skull Island? Find out in September when 'Blackbeard's Treasure' is published as part of our new Ignite 2 series for reluctant readers!

  3. The Princess and the Knight by Helen Orme

    The Princess and the Knight by Helen Orme

    Posted on: Aug 23, 2013

    Annalise is fed up of being locked in the castle, watching knights battle and protect the kingdom. One day, she convinces a knight to release her to explore the land.

    All of a sudden, they are attacked by a fearsome dragon! Will he burn Annalise and the knight to a crisp? Or will they fight the beast and win?

    The Princess and The Knight is an epic tale of bravery in unexpected places and fun for everyone!

  4. First glimpse of the covers

    Posted on: Aug 14, 2013

    We've been putting the final touches to our Ignite 2 covers and can now reveal a first glimpse of Alien Harvest by Melanie Joyce and The Hamster Who Fell to Earth by Danny Pearson! Get ready for an intergalactic hamster who likes gardening and futuristic aliens who have developed a taste for human flesh in these two fast-paced stories due to be published in September 2013!

  5. Alien Harvest by Melanie Joyce

    Alien Harvest by Melanie Joyce

    Posted on: Aug 07, 2013

    Earth, 5014.

    Neshla joins her friend Galen and his father on a Specialist Food Unit Mission to harvest food from Vetron 5. As ever, there is a risk of possible alien life forms, but the trip goes smoothly.

    Until Galen finds a blue flowers and secretly brings it on board the ship! The plant grows and grows in size and appetite, until the crew discover it has a taste for human flesh...

  6. The Hamster Who Fell to Earth - Danny Pearson

    The Hamster Who Fell to Earth - Danny Pearson

    Posted on: Jul 30, 2013

    CRASH! Nick is jolted awake at midnight by a loud bang in his garden. When he goes to investigate, he discovers a hamster in a spaceship amongst the wreckage!

    Nick and Lola put up LOST posters all over their neighbourhood, but there are no claims to the furry visitor. One day, they return and discover the hamster is surfing the Internet! When he explains he is looking for plant specimens for an intergalactic flower show, it seems there is more to this spacey visitor than meets the eye...

    A hilarious story of adventure and gardening, The Hamster Who Fell To Earth proves that aliens can come in the fluffiest of packages!

  7. Silent Screen by Mike Gould

    Silent Screen by Mike Gould

    Posted on: Jul 22, 2013

    The local town is home to a dusty, abandoned cinema. Dani and her friends love going there to mess about and look at all the old film posters.

    One day when they visit, an old silent film begins playing and a greyscale actor steps straight out of the screen! Then he invites Dani to take the stage...

    What does the silent comedian want? Will he teach Dani about his craft? Or take her to a world of silence?

  8. Chocolate Wars by Andy Seed

    Chocolate Wars by Andy Seed

    Posted on: Jul 12, 2013

    A world without chocolate? What!

    Sweet toothed Chaz is devastated when he discovers cocoa plants are dying out worldwide. Chocolate stock is falling rapidly and people want their sugar highs!

    Luckily for Chaz, his friend has a stash of chocolate, which he mistakenly tells the whole school about! When the chocolate stash goes missing and the crowds are swarming for sweet treats, will Chaz and his friend be able to escape the chocoholics? Or will they face a sticky end?

  9. Night Wolf by Jonny Zucker

    Night Wolf by Jonny Zucker

    Posted on: Jul 04, 2013

    Twins Jenny and Felix feel left out when their dad gets a new girlfriend. Dad seems happy, but they notice Suzie seems a little unusual...

    On the night of a full moon, the twins notice Suzie's hands are rather hairy, then there are reports of a werewolf on the common, could it be...?

    In the dangerous dark hours, will Jenny and Felix discover the truth of the wolf?

  10. Blackbeard's Treasure by Roger Hurn

    Blackbeard's Treasure by Roger Hurn

    Posted on: Jun 27, 2013

    After discovering an aged map with a big bold X marking a special spot, Josh is eager to unravel the mystery of Blackbeard's treasure. The X lies on an island neighbouring St Lucia, in the Caribbean, where his dad has organised a holiday to show Josh his homeland. Josh jumps at the chance to sneak off to Skull Island, eager to get his hands on the gold!

    Will Josh's map be a booby trap? Or will X mark the spot and hit gold?

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