Featuring characters from multiple classic tales, The League of Enchanted Heroes follows Jack Miller as he's lured into a magical world on his way home from school. He is enticed through a door in the forest by Red Riding Hood, who hopes he will help her and her friends Rapunzel, Hansel, Gretel and Tom Thumb to defeat the giants that keep attacking them! Realising he has been mistaken for Jack the Giant Killer, he is ready to leave when they are attacked...

This imaginative, captivating story written by Tim Collins transports its reader into another world. The humorous, light-hearted storylines and eye-catching, colourful illustrations by James Lawrence will capture the interest of even the most reluctant of readers.

With a word count of 500-750, The League of Enchanted Heroes will hold the interest of a teenager with a reading age of 6-7. Written with dyslexia-friendly font and line spacing, this accessible, enticing read will attract both girls and boys.

But, if he isn't Jack the Giant Killer, who is Jack Miller?