We’re known for our stories – but we thought it was about time we told our own tale – how Badger Learning began and became what it is today.

In The Beginning

Almost 30 years ago, ex-teacher John Fulford noticed a need for books in schools that would inspire kids to learn and provide the support teachers needed.

To save schools time sourcing suitable books, John came up with the ‘Badger Reading Box’ – specially selected titles, perfect for primary school libraries and reading areas.

Badger’s range soon grew to over 100 available boxes, including books by a diverse variety of publishers.

This great new selection included stories for all ages and abilities, from early years to KS4.

2001 Badger Publising is born

We’ve always had a knack for knowing which books kids and teachers will love, which is why we started our own publishing arm in 2001.

The titles we produce are innovative, engaging and perfect for use across both primary and secondary curriculums and compliment the books supplied in our collections written by established and popular children’s authors.

2008 The future for Badger

In 2008, Badger Publishing was bought by Haven Books Group, which saw our warehousing and invoicing departments relocated to their new site in King’s Lynn.

The business areas of Badger Publishing and Badger Reading Boxes were then soon brought under the singular brand of Badger Learning with the tag line of Supporting Teachers…Inspiring Children, this was developed to show how Badger was there for both teachers and children alike.

With Haven’s support, the reputation of our much-loved Badger brand – means we can bring even more of the best books to the keenest kids and teachers.

We’ve come so far since 1989 that we’re proud we can still say that the principles set out on John’s kitchen table still apply today – to create classroom favourites that assist teachers and amaze children.