Taz Jessop and her mum move into Avalon Tower – a block of ultra-modern city flats controlled by a central computer. But Taz hates her new life and misses her friends. She finds the tower block sinister and spooky.

Then Taz meets Luke, the mysterious, exciting boy from the top floor, and things start to look up.

For a while.

Taz is in deadly danger – but has she realised this too late?

This creepy tale by Daniel Blythe will have readers on the edge of their seats right up until the cliff-hanger ending! At 14,000 words, this is one of our longer Teen Reads, giving more of the appearance of a YA novel than a quick read – this was as the result of direct feedback from students and teachers.

But like all our Teen Reads, I Spy is appropriate for teenage reluctant readers with a reading age of 8-9. The story appears on off-white paper to reduce visual stress, and the text is broken into easily-digestible chunks that are generously spaced out. The reader can work their way from one paragraph to another without ever losing their way.

What's more, the cover of I Spy is so intriguing that we are confident that the most reluctant of readers will want to pick it up! See for yourself below.

Daniel Blythe is the author of 20 books, including several of the Doctor Who novels, as well as Shadow Runners and Emerald Greene and the Witch Stones. He is originally from Maidstone, but now lives with his wife and teenage children in Yorkshire. He has been published in 12 countries including the USA, Germany and Brazil, and he has led writing days and workshops in over 400 schools.