Shiverton comes under attack again, but this time it proves even harder for Snow-Man and his crew to find the root of the problem due to a dense fog which shrouds the town.

And why do everyone's trousers keep falling down?!

Tommy crafts another witty and entertaining story, which, coupled with Steve Beckett's animated illustrations, make for an incredibly fun reading experience for children.

To make the front cover stand out on a bookshelf and the inside artwork more vibrant, it was decided that an injection of colour to the previously white mist would be preferable and so different colours were experimented with in order to portray the fog.

Green looked like it could be interpreted as an unpleasant smell and no-one was particularly keen on the pink so yellow was decided on because in colour psychology it is often associated with the mind. As the story transpires that the mist has come from wicked villain, Misty Morning, we thought that this was the most appropriate as she uses her mind powers to cause havoc in Shiverton!