Ever wondered what might happen if you, your best friend and your pet hamster accidentally travelled back in time to a prehistoric world, and were thrown into the path of a hungry T-Rex? Probably most days, right?

Well, you no longer have to imagine, and nor do your reluctant readers, because Cavan Scott has done it for you in his action-packed title from our new Adventure Park series, Dinosaur Danger.

Dino Danger is Adventure Park's fastest ever rollercoaster. In fact, it's so fast that it sends Emily, Jacob and Frank spinning back in time!

Can they escape the hungry dinosaurs and find a way home?

Featuring amazing colour illustrations by Abby Bulmer, and aimed at a reading age of 7-8, this story is sure to grab the attention of primary-aged reluctant and struggling readers. Indeed, the eccentric humour and wild antics across the whole series will likely prove entertaining for readers of all ages!

To give you a taste of what the series holds in store, take an exclusive look at the cover for Dinosaur Danger – the first to be revealed. Check back regularly if you want to see if the others are just as good (they are)!