Papercuts II — Out Now!

Almost exactly a year ago, we published our first Papercuts series, a brand new bone-chilling horror series for teenage reluctant readers. The eye-catching covers and gripping content were the perfect combination and the series proved very popular.


So it is with great pleasure that we are able to spice up your January for the second year running, with a brand new Papercuts series — Papercuts II. Granted, the name might not be that original but the stories are so fresh they’re practically still dripping. They are also positively brimming with twists, turns, thrills, chills and toe-curling frights; perfect for keeping a bloodthirsty teenager satisfied until the very end.


Once again our artists have surpassed themselves with some truly terrifying covers. Each book also contains four images interspersed throughout the inside text, in order to hold the reader’s attention and help them to visualise the story whilst still retaining the appearance of a teenage novel.


Just like Papercuts I, the books in Papercuts II have a reading age of 8–9 and a manageable word count of 5000–6000.


Released at the end of January, we predict these books are going to fly off the shelves. Order yours here, and check out the story blurbs on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


But be warned. Not suitable for those only partial to a happy ending.