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  1. Refugee Kid by Catherine Bruton

    Refugee Kid by Catherine Bruton

    Posted on: Jul 12, 2017

    “Tell us again exactly how old you are.”

    “I already said. I am fifteen.” 

    “And how did you get to the UK?”

    “Your police found me. In a lorry. Please, can you tell me where my brother is?”

    Samir promised to look after his little brother Moosa on the dangerous journey from Syria — across the Mediterranean, through refugee camps and then in an airless container to England. 

    But what has the journey cost him?

    Will he be able to keep his promise?

    And will they ever find a way home?

  2. Final Girl by Tim Collins

    Final Girl by Tim Collins

    Posted on: Jul 11, 2017

    Zombies have taken over the world and all the remaining humans are crammed into a small compound. 

    Eve is the only person ever to have survived a zombie attack. The scientists think she could be the key to saving the human race.

    But when she meets a boy called Zac, she comes up with a plan of her own.

  3. Annie by Tommy Donbavand

    Annie by Tommy Donbavand

    Posted on: Jul 10, 2017

    Be very careful if you’re ever around Jack Potter.

    Not only does the 16-year-old love to play pranks on people for his YouTube channel, but the old house he and his family live in is haunted by a ghost called Annie.

    Thankfully, Annie is a friendly spirit. She isn’t a danger to Jack and his family.

    Until Jack’s girlfriend comes to stay for the weekend, and Annie gets jealous…

  4. Plague by Echo Freer

    Plague by Echo Freer

    Posted on: Jul 06, 2017

    After years of dictatorship, Britain is celebrating independence. Firework parties are planned all over the country. But when Josh and his girlfriend, Nell, have a row, their party is over.

    The next morning, Josh realises it‘s not as simple as just making up with Nell. The world has changed — forever.

  5. Hope and Truth by Daniel Blythe

    Hope and Truth by Daniel Blythe

    Posted on: Jul 05, 2017

    Sam’s world is on the brink of war. Helicopters are in the sky and there are riots in the streets. This may be his final chance to tell Cait how he feels, before everything ends. But then his invitation to the Last Party changes everything.

    Years later, Hope lives in a closed world under the ground. Fourteen years ago, a war destroyed everything. But Hope makes a discovery — one which will link her story to Sam’s, and will reveal the truth. About the Last Party. About the end. 

    Across time, their stories become joined, and a new chapter in human destiny is revealed.

  6. Out! by Iain McLaughlin

    Out! by Iain McLaughlin

    Posted on: Jul 04, 2017

    This diary belongs to Jacqueline Harrison Jax 

    (nobody calls me Jacqueline and lives)

    P.S. If you are reading this and you are not me, you’re in trouble. I know who you are and I know where you live…

  7. Siren Song by Jacqueline Rayner

    Siren Song by Jacqueline Rayner

    Posted on: Jul 03, 2017

    Sasha hasn’t said a word since her brother mysteriously disappeared.

    Was it an accident — or does Sasha know something she’s not telling?

    Zoe is determined to find out the truth, no matter who gets hurt. 

    But some secrets should be left alone…

  8. ME² by Catherine Bruton

    ME² by Catherine Bruton

    Posted on: Jun 28, 2017

    “Exams suck! The sun is shining — and we are cooped up inside revising? It’s child cruelty!’

    Molly can’t focus on exams. Mum’s gone, and Dad seems to have checked out of her life too.

    Then KT turns up. 

    Crazy, fun-loving, sexy and cool — everything Molly isn’t. Everything Molly wants to be.

    But KT spells trouble. Danger. Is she everything she seems? 

  9. Made by Kate Ormand

    Made by Kate Ormand

    Posted on: Jun 27, 2017

    MADE’s creations aren’t born — they’re built.

    Violet’s family has been approved to test a teenage robot called Ollie. Robots like Ollie are programmed to act human without so many things that are necessary to being human. He has no feelings. He can’t lie, disobey his family or ever harm a human being. 

    But Ollie is a machine, and things go wrong with machines all the time… 

  10. Between The Lines - Coming September 2017

    Posted on: Jun 20, 2017

    Following the continued success of our much-loved Teen Reads, we are excited to announce that we are publishing a brand new series this September, Between the Lines.

    All eight titles have a reading age of 8-9 and will appeal to readers aged 12 and over. The modern and appealing covers, coupled with a manageable word count of 5,000 - 6,000, ensure the books are accessible and enticing to struggling teenage readers.

    With a variety of themes touching on abandonment, addiction, loss, homelessness, love, war, dystopia and the essence of humanity itself, this thoughtful new series has something for everyone.

    Below is a sneaky peek at the upcoming titles and authors!

    • Made by Kate Ormand
    • Siren Song by Jacqueline Rayner
    • Refugee Kid by Catherine Bruton
    • Hope and Truth by Daniel Blythe
    • Silent Valley by Cliff McNish
Blog Posts: 41–51 of 258