Everyone thinks Ella has the perfect life. A big house, the perfect mother. But it's all just one big fat lie.

If anyone knew the life she lived it would mean disaster for Ella and her mum. So the lies go on.

But her mum is getting sicker. Ella is torn. She can't tell anyone the truth. But she can't cope either.

This latest instalment of Teen Reads touches on the reality of challenging personal circumstances such as being a young carer for someone you love. Living the Lie, written by Ann Evans, depicts the fear and anguish suffered by keeping such a huge responsibility a secret.

With a word count of 7,000 and a reading age of 8-9, Living the Lie is an accessible read for your struggling readers. With the look and feel of a real book and appealing covers, all ten books in Teen Reads V will be an asset to any school library.