Meet Emily. Her Grandad owns Adventure Park. It's the best theme park in the world!

Meet Jacob. He's Emily's best friend.

Meet Frank. He's Emily's pet hamster.

Together, they test Adventure Park's new rides.

Some of the rides are magical. Some of the rides are scary. Some of the rides are dangerous. But ALL of the rides are exciting!

Join Emily, Jacob and Frank on the adventure of a lifetime.

Now that you've been introduced, hopefully you're as excited as we are about this awesome upcoming primary series!

At Badger Learning, we have enlisted the colossal talents of author Cavan Scott skilled at capturing the imaginations of reluctant readers and returning them safely in 1500 words or less. Bringing Cavan's stories to life is the brilliant Abby Bulmer of Dumpy Little Robot.

Cavan has woven a world of delights and terrors, where each of the eight stories stems from a different ride in the theme park. Though the stories are set in an interlocking world, the presence of a park map and series introduction mean that each book can easily be read as a standalone novel.

Aimed at primary readers with a reading age of about 7-8, the stories are rich with action, charm and just the right amount of eccentricity. Just ask Frank, the wise-cracking hamster, or Albert, the skateboarding geriatric!

Keep your eyes glued to this page over the coming weeks, as we reveal titles, plotlines, covers and sneak previews of our journey from idea to finished product.

Disclaimer: contains mild peril.