The world is in dire need of a new superhero. At Badger Learning, we have heard the plight of the people and we are thrilled to announce our new primary series, Snow-Man!

Snow-Man is the brain-child of esteemed author and Badger veteran, Tommy Donbavand, an expert in comic writing for reluctant readers, and pun enthusiast extraordinaire. The series is illustrated by the brilliant Steve Beckett, who's work features in such iconic comics as The Beano and The Dandy.

Let's set the scene:

Meet Cole Day.

Cole Day lives in the town of Shiverton with his parents, his sister, Winter, and pet dog, Jeff. His dad works at a nuclear power plant, and his mum is a TV weather reporter.
Not very exciting, until the day it all changed...

COSSSSHHH! A stray snowball hit Cole on the back of his head!

But it wasn't just any snowball. It was a RADIOACTIVE snowball! And it turned Cole into SNOW-MAN - the world's chilliest superhero!

Now, whenever Cole munches on a raw carrot, his body transforms into the big, white, fluffy hero! Dressed in a top hat and scarf, it's down to SNOW-MAN and his team, THIN ICE and FROSTBITE (A.K.A. his annoying sister and pet pooch), to defeat the world's nastiest villains.
Bad guys, you'd better freeze! SNOW-MAN is slip-sliding your way...

These six short stories will follow Snow-Man and his team as they battle various villains such as Ray Burn, Gail Force and Chuck Ingit-Down. And while they are a coherent series, we've made sure that each book can easily be read as a standalone novel.

More than anything with this series, we aim to inject some fun into a pursuit which can be both daunting and stressful. Carefully designed with reluctant and struggling readers in mind, Snow-Man is ideal for primary readers with a reading age of about 7-8.

We'll be revealing the titles and plotlines over the coming weeks, as well as some sneak preview artwork and cover designs. So watch this space!