When we published our first Teen Reads series back in 2013, we hoped they would appeal to teenagers who struggle to read, due to their low word counts, strong front covers and relatable subject matter.

We are delighted that they are now one of our best-selling series and teachers and librarians continue to ask us for more, having been impressed with the range and content that each Teen Reads series offers.

"Until I started using Badger I found it very difficult to find books that were of a suitable content for the lower range readers. Badger's (Hi-Lo) books filled the gap with contemporary reading material for secondary school readers which didn't patronise the students."

Carole Scott, Librarian, Cartmel Priory C of E School, Cumbria

We pride ourselves on this ability, and our Teen Reads are an excellent example of that. September 2015 will see the launch of Teen Reads IV, a new series made up of six intriguing stories, aimed specifically at teenage girls!

With female protagonists at the heart of these stories and isolation, intolerance, disability, stereotypes and relationships among the subjects covered, we are confident that these books will pique the interest of many teenage reluctant readers in your school. These novels, totalling no more than 7000 words each, are thoughtful and sincere, with relatable characters and mature storylines, and the language level is maintained at a reading age of 8-9, making these stories as accessible as they are engrossing.

Check back regularly to join us on this exciting journey from concept to completion! Each title and author will be revealed in our next blog post and front covers, plot outlines and chapter previews will follow each week thereafter!