Another villain rains on Shiverton's parade and creates a sticky situation for the unassuming residents. It looks like the work of crafty crook, Chuck Ingit-Down, whose speciality is to lace clouds with glue which creates big, gooey puddles on the ground below!

Can Cole Day turn into Snow-Man in time to rescue the trapped residents before it's too late?

This story is the latest humorous instalment in the 6 title Snow-Man series from author Tommy Donbavand and illustrator Steve Beckett. Aimed at reluctant readers, each book has been crafted so that it blends engaging illustrations with short, manageable paragraphs which will guide the reader from start to finish in a simple and enjoyable way.

As with all the titles in this series, characters are introduced in a section at the beginning of the book and challenging vocabulary is highlighted in order to eliminate confusion and make the book easy to use. Questions are included at the end of the story to ensure the reader has understood as well as read the book and can be a great catalyst for follow up activities.

Just look at this brilliant cover! We reckon your students will be glued to the pages in no time...