Teen Reads IV

Six new intriguing stories aimed specifically at teenage girls


Reading Age 8-9 ★ Interest Age 12-15 ★ Word Count 4,500-7,000

An addition to Badger's highly successful Teen Reads series, Teen Reads IV is a set of six short novels for teenagers who struggle to read.

Features include:

★ Dyslexia-friendly design with bite-sized chunks of text and line spacing
★ Off-white paper to reduce visual stress on sensitive eyes
★ Written by experts in developing stories for struggling readers
★ Mature themes to appeal to teenagers
★ Look and feel of a 'real' book
★ Modern and appealing covers

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  1. Too good to be true?

    Too good to be true?

    Posted on: Jul 16, 2015

    Leon should be Rachel's ideal match. They're perfectly suited and they get on brilliantly.

    But there's just one problem. Leon is a robot.

    Is it possible to fall in love with someone who isn't real? And how can you resist someone who's truly made for you?

    Funny yet sad; full of conviction and self-consciousness at the same time; Tim Collins creates an authentic teenage voice to tell a contemporary love story with a twist.

    An intriguing story with the look and feel of a YA novel, Mr Perfect is suitable for teenage reluctant readers with a reading age of about 8-9. A combination of short sentences, a clear format with line breaks, straightforward language and mature content make this story accessible and attractive to struggling readers with a reading age lower than their actual age.

    Here is a note from the author about his influences:

    This title pays homage to classic sci-fi titles such as Blade Runner and AI, filtered through a contemporary

  2. Abracadabra...


    Posted on: Jul 08, 2015

    All 15-year-old Poppy wants is to be allowed to dye her hair jet black, and for everyone to call her Raven.

    And to discover whether her missing twin brother is alive or dead so that she and her parents can finally move on with their lives.

    Can Poppy find Stephen, and a place to belong, at the same time?

    Tommy Donbavand once again uses his witty writing style to create a compelling story for teenagers - brimming with humour and emotion in equal measures. He places his defiant teenage protagonist in a situation both atypical and relatable, capturing the complexities of teenage angst and isolation while highlighting a distinctive family hardship.

    Like the other titles in this set of six, the subject matter is aimed at teenage readers – most specifically female teenage readers – but the stories can be enjoyed by those with a reading age as young as eight. A low word count, short sentences, line breaks and accessible language aid this endeavour.

    We're als

  3. Remembering to forget

    Remembering to forget

    Posted on: Jun 22, 2015

    Making friends in a new school is tough, but Lauren is determined it'll work out.

    Maybe she'll even be happy again, after everything her family has been through.

    Just as long as nobody finds out about Harry...

    Beverly Sanford's newest Teen Read deals with a very prominent and poignant issue – even today. This is a mature story which is sure to have a deep resonance amongst all teenage readers.

    Beverly has skilfully woven a story of emotional depth and intrigue, whilst keeping the language level and sentence structure accessible for reluctant and struggling readers.

    Here is a note from the author herself about writing the novel:

    I was thrilled to be asked to contribute another story to the fantastic Teen Reads series. I'm a huge fan of all the titles so far, and it's lovely to share a bookshelf with so many brilliant authors.

    When I read the brief for Teen Reads IV, I knew I wanted to write about something that mattered. Remember R

  4. Noticed by Tony Lee

    Noticed by Tony Lee

    Posted on: Jun 09, 2015

    Ellie lacks confidence in most aspects of her life, especially at school and where boys are concerned. Her only solace is her YouTube channel where she likes to vlog about the geeky things she's into. It's what everyone is doing and her view count is below 10 so she's confident nobody really notices her.

    That is until a selfless act of bravery changes her life forever. Caught on camera, there's now definitely no hiding from the big, wide world! But will this be a change for the better or worse?

    Find out how Ellie adapts to this sudden U-turn in her life in Tony Lee's newest Teen Read, due to be published this September. Written specifically to engage a teenage audience by incorporating relatable themes, emotions and characters, this short fictional story, with the language level maintained at a reading age of 8-9, will also appeal to those potentially put off by long, daunting reads.

    Will your pupils have the courage to pick it up off the shelf?

  5. Man's best friend

    Man's best friend

    Posted on: Jun 03, 2015

    Zoe is lying on the floor of her classroom. She's in the recovery position. As her brain starts to function again, she realises she's had another epileptic fit. She wants to weep. Bad enough she's suffered from seizures for most of her life, but it's the embarrassment of it all. No wonder she never gets asked to go out with anyone.

    Retreating from relationships, Zoe is slowly withdrawing into herself and her parents realise that something has got to change, and fast.

    But how do you overcome a lasting illness? Surely that's impossible?

    Ann Evans' latest Teen Read, By My Side, tackles the sensitive subject of a common disability and highlights the everyday challenges faced by frustrated teenager, Zoe. She needs help to manage her illness more effectively and to stop the feelings of isolation. This, she finds in the most unexpected place, one she once feared...

    This honest and fascinating story aims to inform the reader about epilepsy as well as maintain the

  6. New Dawn by Daniel Blythe

    New Dawn by Daniel Blythe

    Posted on: May 27, 2015

    Thrust from Earth into a dangerous mission to a parallel, dystopian world, 15 year old Eden Boone finds herself desperately trying to protect herself and others from violent inhabitants whilst racing against time in a tense trial of courage and determination.

    Fast-paced and thrilling, Daniel Blythe's high-octane adventure will certainly appeal to lovers of science-fiction and action-based stories or films such as Planet of the Apes or Mad Max!

    Written specifically with a teenage reluctant reader audience in mind, this short novel contains manageable paragraphs made up of accessible language, a striking cover design and is balanced with a mature theme to engage with the reader and maintain interest.

    A message from the author:

    I found the biggest challenge was keeping the pace going, and making every character moment and piece of dialogue count. It's actually a bit like writing a script. I thought - how would "New Dawn" work if it was a 30-minute piece of TV,

  7. Time for the BIG NEWS

    Posted on: May 20, 2015

    We are very excited to be able to reveal the title and author list for our newest Teen Reads series!

    The line-up features some old favourites, plus, new to the Teen Reads scene, Daniel Blythe, who has penned a haunting dystopia worthy of Katniss Everdeen herself.

    Without further ado, our six new YA novels are...
    By My Side by Ann Evans
    Noticed by Tony Lee
    Mr Perfect by Tim Collins
    Raven by Tommy Donbavand
    Remember Rosie by Beverly Sanford
    New Dawn by Daniel Blythe

    As mentioned in our previous post, the unique quality of this set of Teen Reads is that each story has been carefully designed with teenage girls in mind, though they are by no means typically 'girly'. Each novel follows a female protagonist through an honest and compelling storyline that we hope will keep readers gripped until the very end. The emotionally mature and intense subject matter in Teen Reads IV covers a seizure response dog, the downside of fame, artificial intelligence,

  8. Series Announcement: Teen Reads IV

    Posted on: May 13, 2015

    When we published our first Teen Reads series back in 2013, we hoped they would appeal to teenagers who struggle to read, due to their low word counts, strong front covers and relatable subject matter.

    We are delighted that they are now one of our best-selling series and teachers and librarians continue to ask us for more, having been impressed with the range and content that each Teen Reads series offers.

    "Until I started using Badger I found it very difficult to find books that were of a suitable content for the lower range readers. Badger's (Hi-Lo) books filled the gap with contemporary reading material for secondary school readers which didn't patronise the students."

    Carole Scott, Librarian, Cartmel Priory C of E School, Cumbria

    We pride ourselves on this ability, and our Teen Reads are an excellent example of that. September 2015 will see the launch of Teen Reads IV, a new series made up of six intriguing stories, aimed specifically at teenage girls!

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