Frank is Emily's pet hamster and companion who can often be found perched on Emily's shoulder or occasionally hiding in her sock. Best of all, he can talk!

He is a cautious fellow when it comes to Albert Sparkle-Trousers' Adventure Park inventions, as past experience has proved that things can sometimes go wrong when they are testing out each new ride! Frank trusts Emily, but is easily wound up and will often run scared from the odd prank played by the others!

Danny Pearson, Senior Editor, tells us how he came to be...

We especially love the character of Frank the hamster. How was he born?

In the beginning Frank was a dog! It's true. Frank started off as a dog. I realised that the Snow-Man series, which was going to be released at the same time, already had a dog, Jeff/Frostbite. So with a little brainstorming between Cavan and I we decided Frank would be better off as a talking hamster.

In all honesty it was the right thing to do and I can't imagine Adventure Park without Frank. Frank now being a hamster allowed us to have him in almost every image (because he is so small). He would also be able to use his cheeks to store all sorts of objects that could help in later plot lines. He can also talk which is great as I have always wanted to know what a hamster would say if they were to be chased by ghosts, dinosaurs or a dragon.

We don't know how old Frank is, where he came from or why he can talk! I am sure though that he has been around a very long time and has seen many different people and places. There is a rumour going round that Frank was good friends with Albert Einstein and that he was the first hamster in space.

Abby skillfully depicts Frank's emotions through her entertaining illustrations and each expression is instantly recognisable. Her artwork adds another dimension to this series and will help to successfully communicate each story to the reader.