Let your pupils become the imaginatively named characters in comic author, Tommy Donbavand's, exciting and witty play, Hot Hot Hot!

Watch the smiles appear on your pupils' faces as they are immersed into the humorous and entertaining play.

Cole Day was an ordinary school boy until, one day....COSSSSHHH! A stray snowball hit Cole on the back of his head!

But it wasn't just any snowball, it was a radioactive snowball. Now every time Cole eats a raw carrot he becomes Snow-Man – the world's chilliest superhero!

Your class will be enthralled as they act out the adventures of Snow-Man and his sidekicks, Thin Ice and Frostbite, as they try to get to the bottom of a heat wave in the middle of December. Could this be the work of Ray Burn and his giant sunglasses?

The whole play consists of 1,000 words and has 7 speaking parts with varying numbers of lines and reading level so that everyone can be included. The book features bright colourful illustrations by popular illustrator Steve Beckett, and there is a useful question page at the back of the book to aid comprehension.

The reading age of this play is 8-9 and it has an interest age of 8-12, but we're confident that pupils (and adults) of all ages and abilities will absolutely love to take part.

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