Posters can brighten up any library space as they capture the attention and enable discussion, which in turn encourages students to visit. When used as part of a wider library or classroom display, posters have the power not only to promote specific books but to introduce students to new subjects and concepts, encouraging them to think deeply, investigate widely and broaden their horizons.

Posters are perfect for all your students but especially reluctant and struggling readers. They are visually engaging with clear and concise information so the material can be absorbed quickly, even at a glance. Whether it be a quote, a scientific principle or a profile of a popstar, posters can motivate and focus students in a way that other learning aids may not.

When 65% of people worldwide find visual learning more effective it is crucial to use images and graphics to impart information within schools. Posters are one of the best (and easiest) ways to effectively achieve this in a library and classroom environment.

Therefore, posters are an absolute must-have for libraries as they play a key part in encouraging readers to the library, increasing awareness of stock, and improving circulation of titles ­­— actions that every library wants!

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World Cup Superstars Posters

Twelve eye-catching posters featuring England football team players with stats and football fact files, presented in an accessible format. This engaging poster collection will add lots of interest to the library and create plenty of discussion ahead of the upcoming 2022 World Cup.

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