YA Reads II

Following the success of Badger Learning’s first series of YA Reads, fiction for young adults who struggle to read, we are publishing a second series, YA Reads II.

The eight titles feature more mature themes than our popular Teen Reads series, with a variety of real life and dystopian settings. Each title has a reading age of 8-9 and has been skilfully written by experienced authors including Tim Collins, Ann Evans and Catherine Bruton.

With modern, appealing covers and approximately 50 pages, YA Reads II will provide your struggling readers with eight new exhilarating stories to inspire a love of reading.

Key series features:

★ Interest Age 14+, Reading Age 8-9
★ Mature themes touching on sexuality/identity, family breakdown, friendship/relationship issues and dystopia.
★ Written by experts in developing stories for struggling readers.
★ Action-packed and thought provoking stories to appeal to teenagers.
★ Novel-like look and feel, with a word count of 5,000 – 6,000.
★ Modern and appealing covers.
★ Fulfilling a need for mature yet accessible fiction aimed at young adults.
★ Dyslexia-friendly design with bite-sized chucks of text and line spacing.
★ Off-white paper to reduce visual stress on sensitive eyes.

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  1. Break by Jennifer Lane

    Break by Jennifer Lane

    Posted on: Jul 21, 2017

    Something is wrong. 

    When Vinny smells burning in his mate’s car, he doesn’t know that it will change his life forever. 

    Can he get to the bottom of who tried to kill them, even if it means bringing down one of his closest friends?

  2. Wasted by Karen Moncrieffe

    Wasted by Karen Moncrieffe

    Posted on: Jul 20, 2017

    Jade and Layla have been best friends for years, but then something comes between them. Alcohol. 

    When Jade discovers drinking, she begins to lose interest in anything other than boozing, partying and meeting guys. She becomes more reckless and wild. She can’t see that she might be in danger. 

    As Jade’s passion for drinking spins out of control, Layla is forced to make a difficult choice to keep her safe. 

  3. Runaway by Ann Evans

    Runaway by Ann Evans

    Posted on: Jul 18, 2017

    Running away from a brutal home is Gary's only option. 

    He plans his escape well. He saves enough money to rent a room until he can find a job. He’s going to make a good life for himself.

    But when Gary’s plans go horribly wrong, he ends up homeless, broke and sleeping on the streets.

    Could life get any worse?

  4. Have a Go by Jon Mayhew

    Have a Go by Jon Mayhew

    Posted on: Jul 13, 2017

    Sixteen-year-old Jamie Garson thinks the world of his dad. To Jamie, Dad is a hero. 

    When Jamie and his dad foil the robbery of a corner shop, their lives are turned upside down. Dad becomes a hero to everyone and Jamie is a celebrity at school. 

    But not everyone is so happy for them. Heroes attract enemies and Jamie finds there’s a deadly downside to fighting crime.

  5. Final Girl by Tim Collins

    Final Girl by Tim Collins

    Posted on: Jul 11, 2017

    Zombies have taken over the world and all the remaining humans are crammed into a small compound. 

    Eve is the only person ever to have survived a zombie attack. The scientists think she could be the key to saving the human race.

    But when she meets a boy called Zac, she comes up with a plan of her own.

  6. Plague by Echo Freer

    Plague by Echo Freer

    Posted on: Jul 06, 2017

    After years of dictatorship, Britain is celebrating independence. Firework parties are planned all over the country. But when Josh and his girlfriend, Nell, have a row, their party is over.

    The next morning, Josh realises it‘s not as simple as just making up with Nell. The world has changed — forever.

  7. Out! by Iain McLaughlin

    Out! by Iain McLaughlin

    Posted on: Jul 04, 2017

    This diary belongs to Jacqueline Harrison Jax 

    (nobody calls me Jacqueline and lives)

    P.S. If you are reading this and you are not me, you’re in trouble. I know who you are and I know where you live…

  8. ME² by Catherine Bruton

    ME² by Catherine Bruton

    Posted on: Jun 28, 2017

    “Exams suck! The sun is shining — and we are cooped up inside revising? It’s child cruelty!’

    Molly can’t focus on exams. Mum’s gone, and Dad seems to have checked out of her life too.

    Then KT turns up. 

    Crazy, fun-loving, sexy and cool — everything Molly isn’t. Everything Molly wants to be.

    But KT spells trouble. Danger. Is she everything she seems? 

  9. YA Reads II - Coming September 2017

    Posted on: Jun 07, 2017

    Due to the popularity of our first series of YA Reads, we are extremely pleased to announce that this September we are publishing a second series! 

    The eight titles in YA Reads II have been written by seasoned authors who are widely respected for their ability to write books for less able readers. 

    Here’s a sneaky peek at the upcoming titles and authors:

    • ME2 by Catherine Bruton
    • Break by Jennifer Lane
    • Out! By Iain McLaughlin
    • Have a Go by Jon Mayhew
    • Plague by Echo Freer
    • Runaway by Ann Evans
    • Wasted by Karen Moncrieffe
    • Final Girl by Tim Collins

    Each title has a reading age of 8-9 and a word count of 5,000-6,000, making them accessible and appealing to young adults (14+). With themes touching on sexuality/identity,

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