Our first series of YA Reads is now available!

Treat your students and yourself to this riveting series written by successful, skilled authors including Tim Collins, Ann Evans, Daniel Blythe, Iain McLaughlin, Catherine Bruton, Echo Freer and Cliff McNish.

All eight titles have been specifically written to appeal to 14-18 year olds and have mature themes including sexuality, identity, dystopia, mortality, peer pressure and more. With a word count of between 5,000 and 6,000, these gripping novels have a reading age of 8-9 and will capture the attention of their reader.

S/HE by Catherine Bruton
Follow Raven's journey as the new person at school. Refusing to be defined as a boy or a girl, Raven is 'gender fluid', everyone is curious to start with but that curiosity soon turns to hostility.

Kill Order by Daniel Blythe
Caleb Grayden is a killer for hire, a special kind of shape shifter. His latest job is easy – but what happens next is not quite what Caleb expects.

The Craving by Cliff McNish
Elias has always been treated differently to other teenagers, protected, guarded. He always believed it was because his Dad had a special job that put him in danger, it's only when he gets thirsty that he realises his family are part of a much darker secret.

In The Stars by Echo Freer
Jaz and Dex are 16 and in love. But true love does not run smoothly. Jaz's parents have forbidden her to see boys and the worse is yet to come.

Members of Billy Badger's Book Club have been reading and reviewing Echo Freer's new title, In the Stars, this is what they have said;

"Gently and beautifully told. Very emotive." Secondary School Librarian

"It was good. It was very emotional." Secondary School Student

"It was short, but packs a punch. It deals with a sensitive issue without feeling patronising or overly sentimental." Secondary School Librarian

Our first series of YA Reads are printed on off-white paper to reduce visual stress on the eyes and have a dyslexia-friendly design. Each title has the look and feel of a real novel and will prove to be an asset to your library.

To celebrate the launch of this fabulous new series we are giving you the change to win the full set of eight titles. Competition is closed.