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  1. Alice by Danny Pearson

    Alice by Danny Pearson

    Posted on: Nov 20, 2017

    The storm outside passed and the late evening was calmly turning into night.

    As the light of the moon shone through Alice's bedroom window, the cat looked up and smiled a wide, toothy smile. "This is the Alice I have been looking for."

  2. Queen of Flies by Tim Collins

    Queen of Flies by Tim Collins

    Posted on: Nov 13, 2017

    Mia thinks she sees something strange and horrible under Lauren's hair when she flicks it back. But when she looks again, it's gone. She must have imagined it. But Lauren's friends, Savannah and Gabriella, seem equally weird.

    When Mia spies on them to find out what's going on, she finds herself dragged into a sickening nightmare.

  3. Scissor Man by Tim Collins

    Scissor Man by Tim Collins

    Posted on: Nov 06, 2017

    The story goes that the Scissor Man wanted to be happy forever, so he snipped the corners of his mouth into a wide, jagged smile.

    Now he's a ghost who haunts Sam's school. If you meet him you must answer his question. Your fate depends on your answer.

    But it's just a story, right?

  4. The Trick by Kate Ormand

    The Trick by Kate Ormand

    Posted on: Oct 31, 2017

    They watched him in the darkest part of the night.

    They watched him in the lightest part of the day.

    He would be easy to take.

    No one would know he was gone — until it was too late.

    The stories say that fairies can't be seen by those who don't believe. But what if they want to be found?

  5. Win a signed set of Between The Lines

    Posted on: Oct 09, 2017

    To celebrate the launch of our superb new series Between The Lines, we are giving you the opportunity to win a signed set of all eight titles!

    Skilfully written to appeal to teenagers and young adults who struggle with reading, these titles fulfil a need for age-appropriate fiction designed for students who have a reading age of 8-9.

    Each title is printed on off-white paper to reduce visual stress on sensitive eyes and has a dyslexia-friendly design with bite-sized chunks of text. With no more than 6,000 words, these action-packed and thought-provoking stories are an appealing range of titles to give struggling and reluctant readers an exciting and positive reading experience.

    *competition closed*

    Between The Lines

  6. New series announcement

    New series announcement

    Posted on: Oct 09, 2017

    Coming soon, a spooktacular, spine-chilling series for reluctant teenage readers!

    We all know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but the illustrations on the six new Papercut titles are extraordinary. If they don't capture the attention of struggling or reluctant readers we're not sure what will. Mark Penman and James Lawrence, the two illustrators, have designed these impressive covers to appeal to students aged 13+, which coupled with the realistic word count and low reading age provide an appealing and accessible way in to this popular genre.

    These super spooky, modern titles include elements of horror, the supernatural, action and adventure and have been written by experienced authors Tim Collins, Ann Evans, Jacqueline Rayner, Kate Ormand and Danny Pearson.

    Featuring bite-sized chunks of text and a dyslexia-friendly design, these eerie and chilling titles will prove to be an incredibly popular series amongst your students.

    Here's a sneaky

  7. YA Reads II - Now Available

    YA Reads II - Now Available

    Posted on: Sep 21, 2017

    An enormous buzz of excitement is radiating through Badger Towers as our second series of YA Reads have arrived!

    You know a new series is going to be good when you walk through the library at dinner time and see several members of staff reading them. 

    The mature themes touching on sexuality/identity, family breakdown, friendship/relationship issues and dystopia speak and appeal to readers across many different interests. The text level and complexity have been carefully judged to provide a ‘way in’ for young adults with a reading age of 8–9, which coupled with a realistic word count of 5000–6000, make the eight books in this series a valuable resource to encourage and inspire struggling and reluctant readers. 

    Read more about individual on our blog.

  8. Between The Lines Now Available

    Between The Lines Now Available

    Posted on: Sep 13, 2017

    The eight new titles from our eagerly awaited new series of fiction for reluctant teenage readers, Between The Lines, have arrived and are already being sent out to schools!

    These action-packed and thought-provoking titles have a reading age of 8–9 and will captivate teenagers and young adults with their thrilling and varied storylines.

    Featuring mature themes ranging from abandonment and loss to the essence of humanity itself, these titles fulfil a need for age-appropriate fiction with a realistic word count that will encourage and reward struggling and reluctant readers.

    But which one will you read first?

    Promise Me by Ann Evans? Siren Song by Jacqueline Rayner? Annie by Tommy Donbavand? Each title has an enticing, modern cover which catches your attention and the blurbs completely draw you in. These titles really will be an asset to you

  9. Promise Me by Ann Evans

    Promise Me by Ann Evans

    Posted on: Jul 24, 2017

    Cathy is in love with Amos, the boy next door. He is everything she could ever want. They talk all the time. He makes her laugh. He even writes songs for her. 

    The trouble is, Cathy has never set eyes on Amos. He locks himself away, and won’t say why.

    Cathy wants more. She dreams of a normal life with him. But Amos is not a normal teenage boy…

  10. Break by Jennifer Lane

    Break by Jennifer Lane

    Posted on: Jul 21, 2017

    Something is wrong. 

    When Vinny smells burning in his mate’s car, he doesn’t know that it will change his life forever. 

    Can he get to the bottom of who tried to kill them, even if it means bringing down one of his closest friends?

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