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  • Key Stage: 1
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Bug Club Phonics Phase 5

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The Bug Club Phonics Phase 5 pack contains 32 Blue and Green banded books that support the teaching of phonics in the classroom. These books are all aligned with Letters and Sounds, helping children to build on their decoding skills in a fun way. The main focus is long i, a, e, o; alternative spellings, for example, eer, ere, ear; tch, ch and introducing c(ial), ss(ion, t(ion. Bug Club is a vibrant mix of fiction and non-fiction, expertly written, with inside cover notes to encourage children to talk about the book and practise the focus graphemes and common words. These activities will also be helpful for teaching assistants and parents in extending the reading experience and introducing children to comprehension.

Number Of Titles: 32
Bug Club Phonics Phase 5
Bug Club Phonics Phase 5
Bug Club Phonics Phase 5