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  • Series: GCSE Working Scientifically
  • Key Stage: 4
  • Year Group: 10, 11
  • Format: Spiral Bound + CD
  • Type of Book: Teacher Book
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GCSE Working Scientifically: All three books + CDs

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Number Of Titles: 3
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GCSE Working Scientifically: All three books + CDs
GCSE Working Scientifically: All three books + CDs
GCSE Working Scientifically: All three books + CDs

GCSE Working Scientifically: All three books + CDs Number of Titles: 3

GCSE Working Scientifically: All three books + CDs
Number of Titles: 3 View All
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Badger GCSE Science Working Scientifically: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt & Dr Deborah Shah-Smith

Working Scientifically is an essential part of the National Curriculum for science; the Working Scientifically activities for GCSE Science from Badger Learning provide a range of teaching resources to support this new approach to teaching. Developed by teachers for teachers, this series is suitable for use in all schools, whichever exam board they use, with the activities working well as an 'add-on' to other KS4 programmes of study.

The series of three GCSE Working Scientifically books: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, features a variety of resources to use in teaching science through the Working Scientifically principles. Each book contains over 60 information sheets and activities, designed to improve knowledge and understanding of Working Scientifically. The books help learners consider a range of viewpoints and make an informed decision, encouraging discussion in the classroom.

The GCSE Working Scientifically series supports science teachers and encourages learning. Enabling KS4 students to focus on the nature of evidence or facts to encourage discussion, the activities in the Badger GCSE Science Working Scientifically books take a variety of forms, including: data analysis, graph drawing, predicting activities and card sorts. These teaching resources are also an effective time management tool; with each activity having an allocated time to help plan lessons and homework tasks.

The Working Scientifically activities foster an understanding of science in the classroom, with most tasks having differentiation suggestions for mixed ability. Many learners do not have the necessary background knowledge about scientific issues. Without this information, it is hard for them to discuss the issues and form an opinion. The tasks in these GCSE science resources boost background knowledge and help learners to consider evidence from a range of contexts and make a decision.

Written by experienced educational professionals, this Badger GCSE Working Scientifically Science series informs and guides teachers while enthusing students about the world of science. Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt is an experienced science teacher and ex-Advanced Skills Teacher. He is the author of a number of best-selling Badger Science resources and a teaching fellow at the University of Sussex. Dr Deborah Shah-Smith is an experienced science teacher. She has a keen interest in developing resources using practice-based evidence.

More Information
Series GCSE Working Scientifically
Key Stage 4
Year Group 10, 11
Format Spiral Bound + CD
Type of Book Teacher Book