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  • Author: William Hussey
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Jekyll's Mirror

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Sam's a troubled soul trying to start over, when he agrees to take part in a social network experiment called 'Project Hyde'. Sam watches with a growing sense of horror as the other users become addicted to the cruelty they can inflict. They begin to change before his eyes and one thing becomes clear ... they are no longer human.


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Jekyll's Mirror
Jekyll's Mirror
Jekyll's Mirror
Sam is a tortured soul, but his darkest hour is yet to come, when he's invited to take part in 'Project Hyde'. A new social networking site where users can enjoy total anonymity's exhilarating at first, until Sam notices that the other users are becoming obsessed with the program ...addicted to the cruelty they are inflicting online. Sam watches with a growing sense of horror as his classmates turn into something unrecognisable. For the truth behind Project Hyde is this: it doesn't simply change WHO you are, it changes WHAT you are. One click away from Evil's new domain. Are you ready to face the truth? A new novel from the Master of Dark Fiction.
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Author William Hussey