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  • Author: Tony Bradman
  • Illustrator: Sarah Warburton
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Mr. Bear Gets Alarmed

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Funny, charming twists on fairy tales - what happens after 'happy ever after'?


Mr. Bear Gets Alarmed
Mr. Bear Gets Alarmed
Mr. Bear Gets Alarmed
Mr Bear is a worrier, and after the Goldilocks break-in, he can't stop being anxious. And so Mr Bear installs a state-of-the-art alarm system, with all sorts of lights and motion sensors and codes, and insists that Mrs Bear and Baby Bear use it at all times...but it soon gets too much when he starts worrying about what might happen to his family outside the home, too. There's nothing else for it - Mrs Bear has to take matters into her own hands. But can she help Mr Bear to realise that he can't control EVERYTHING?
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Author Tony Bradman
Illustrator Sarah Warburton

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