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  • Author: Astrid Lindgren
  • Book Bands: Brown (Level 12)
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The Children of Noisy Village

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  • Brown Band
    Lisa lives in a tiny place called Noisy Village with all her friends, and with so many children living there, it's a very noisy place indeed! Join the children on a riotous adventure as they explore the great outdoors and get up to plenty of mischief, in this gently humorous story collection by much-loved author, Astrid Lindgren.


    The Children of Noisy Village
    The Children of Noisy Village
    The Children of Noisy Village
    In the middle of the countryside there are three farms, all in a row. Everybody calls them Noisy Village because the children who live there are very noisy indeed! Join the adventures of Lisa and her friends, where walking home from school turns into a pirate party looking for treasure, a trip to the local shoemaker becomes a mission to save one lonely dog from his grumpy owner, and a fishing trip ends with a night under the stars. A charming collection of stories from one of the world's best-loved children's authors.
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    Author Astrid Lindgren
    Book Bands Brown (Level 12)

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