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  • Author: Adam Britten
  • Illustrator: Arthur Hamer
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The Lair of Dr Macdeth

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Superheroes like you've never seen them before!


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The Lair of Dr Macdeth
The Lair of Dr Macdeth
The Lair of Dr Macdeth
Super-mum, aka Ms Victory, decides her super-powered family needs to get away from all the saving-the-world stuff for a while and spend some quality time together. A weekend in Scotland seems perfect, but on their way there they are attacked and captured! The family is taken to a creepy castle owned by mad scientist Dr Alistair MacDeth, who's been combining humans and animals to create super-humans! These experiments have gone horribly wrong and he needs a few spare body parts to repair the damage - and now he has the perfect source ...With their parents unconscious on the operating table, it's up to Dynamic Boy and Moon Girl to save them before Dr MacDeth gets to work! The fourth stand-alone book in this brilliant series!
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Author Adam Britten
Illustrator Arthur Hamer