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  • Author: Ben Davis
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The Private Blog of Joe Cowley

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Things are looking up for Joe at last. For one thing, he has a REAL LIFE GIRLFRIEND, who actually likes Star Trek almost as much as he does! It all seems too good to be true ... and for disaster-prone Joe, it's only a matter of time before things go wrong in spectacularly hilarious fashion!


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The Private Blog of Joe Cowley
The Private Blog of Joe Cowley
The Private Blog of Joe Cowley
Hello blog! It's the start of another term and there are three things that SUCK about my life: 1. I am STILL sharing a bedroom with my step-brother Gav (AKA Shrek's stinkier twin). 2. My mum is 6 months pregnant and therefore cabbage-kickingly MENTAL. 3. I'm about to have a high speed rail line (i.e. brace) installed in my gob! The only non-sucky thing is that I've got a GIRLFRIEND! A real one! Who actually wants to SNOG me!!! The problem is her dad officially HATES MY GUTS and is determined to make my life a LIVING HELL. Oh, and this smarmy loser called Seb is trying to steal her off me with his rubbish DJ skills. There's just one thing for it - me and my best mates Harry and Ad are going to have to enter the same DJ competition as Seb and WIN! What could POSSIBLY go wrong? The hilarious sequel to The Private Blog of Joe Cowley.
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Author Ben Davis