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  • Author: John Burningham
  • Illustrator: John Burningham
  • Book Bands: Gold (Level 9)
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The Shopping Basket

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  • Gold Band
    An ordinary trip to the shop becomes an extraordinary adventure for Steven as he encounters all sorts of hazards on his way home and has to use his wits to overcome them. By the author of "Oi! Get Off Our Train", "Granpa" and "Borka, the Adventures of a Goose with no Feathers".


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    The Shopping Basket
    The Shopping Basket
    The Shopping Basket
    Steven is sent out for groceries on to the mean street of the city with only a shopping basket for protection. There are several shady characters about who are offering to lighten the load of the basket by helping themselves to his provisions! Stephen's having none of it and with the help of some of the city's less attractive sights he outsmarts all of them and makes it home in time for tea. With the pictures telling as much of the story as the text, children and adults alike will appreciate the humour and observations from this well known children's author.
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    Author John Burningham
    Illustrator John Burningham
    Book Bands Gold (Level 9)