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  • Author: Tommy Donbavand
  • Illustrator: Steve Beckett
  • Series: Time Trek
  • Key Stage: 2, 3
  • Interest Age: 9 - 12
  • Year Group: 5, 6, 7
  • Reading Age: 7–8
  • Format: Book Collection
  • Type of Book: Fiction
  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: MY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 3.6 - 4.3
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Time Trek - Readers Pack

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Follow Spike and Mia as they travel back in time through a swirling vortex in a bid to stop Spike's uncle, Dr Darius Dire, from stealing priceless artefacts from famous historical figures. Stealing from the past can change the present and may even destroy the future! This pack includes 1 copy of each Time Trek reader.

Number Of Titles: 8
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Time Trek - Readers Pack
Time Trek - Readers Pack
Time Trek - Readers Pack

Time Trek - Readers Pack Number of Titles: 8

Time Trek - Readers Pack
Number of Titles: 8 View All
View All

Includes 1 copy of each Time Trek title

These eight new stories, from author Tommy Donbavand’s new series, Time Trek, follow an intrepid super sleuth duo – Spike and Mia – through time in an attempt to thwart the evil villain, Dr Dire.

Dr Darius Dire is the world’s greatest scientist, and a keen collector. But, he doesn’t collect stamps, or porcelain pigs, or teapots shaped like famous actors… No – Dr Darius Dire collects important artefacts from history!

In fact, he invented a gizmo that allows him to travel through time for just that purpose. He calls it… The Gizmo! However, the trouble with stealing stuff from the past is that it changes the present, and may even destroy the future.

So Dr Dire’s nephew, Spike, and his best friend, Mia, are out to stop the shifty scientist before he can cause… THE END OF THE UNIVERSE!

The adventures mean Spike and Mia meet Julius Caesar, Princess Elizabeth, William Shakespeare and takes them to Egypt, France and even Camelot!

More Information
Author Tommy Donbavand
Illustrator Steve Beckett
Series Time Trek
Key Stage 2, 3
Interest Age 9 - 12
Year Group 5, 6, 7
Reading Age 7–8
Format Book Collection
Type of Book Fiction
Accelerated Reader Interest Level MY
Accelerated Reader Book Level 3.6 - 4.3