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  • Book Bands: Dark Blue (Level 14)
  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: MY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 5.0
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 230254
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1
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Two-Face Face-off

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Book Bands:
  • Dark Blue Band


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    Two-Face Face-off
    Two-Face Face-off
    Two-Face Face-off
    The fate of the Batman and Robin comes down to a flip of a coin! Two-Face is on the loose and his crimes have the Dynamic Duo working double time. From the heist of rare twin diamonds to a showdown on a bi-plane, the Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder stop at nothing to bring this super-villain face-to-face with justice.
    More Information
    Book Bands Dark Blue (Level 14)
    Accelerated Reader Interest Level MY
    Accelerated Reader Book Level 5.0
    Accelerated Reader Quiz Number 230254
    Accelerated Reader Points 1

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